The Ultimate IOR/EOR World Map 2022

Discover the easiest and most complex countries to operate in the world.

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International trade at a glance

Understand which countries are more flexible or closed to global trade with the Aerodoc’s Compliance Complexity Index, and its 3 scales:

SIMPLE. No permits required or easily accesible permits.

MODERATE. Slow but previsible customs clearence.

DIFFICULT. End user involvement required, slow customs clearence, imprevisibility.

Aerodoc’s Clarence Complexity Index.
'Aerodoc presents its global map on the
complexity of foreign trade operations in each country. The information is based on a detailed study of the current situation in the locations where we operate. It takes into account permits, level of inspection, predictability of rules,
digitalization and other factors.'

Estefanía Sisatzky, Sr VP de OPS & Consumer Experience at Aerodoc.